About ConferenSpy

Need help keeping track of the details for your event? Wish there was a system that would let you delegate responsibilities so you don't have to do it all? We got you.

ConferenSpy allows conference administrators to manage all facets of conference planning from venue to post event evaluations. Set up tracks and track leaders, build custom registration forms hooked into Stripe for eCommerce, generate various reports for printing badges or payment information for the treasurer, we have it all covered. You can allow track leaders to setup sessions and presenters, allow presenters to upload slides, handouts and other material they'd like to include for their session. A convienient responsive session browser lets attendees filter and search for sessions and download any files needed

What more could you possibly need? How about a mobile app for your attendees?

  • Browse / search by day, track, subject
  • Add sessions to your schedule
  • Quick view of What's up next
  • Venue Maps
  • Attendee List and Favorite Attendees

ConferenSpy CMS Features

Users, Roles, Permissions

Assign users to specific roles within the system, or delegate individual permissions for users that need that extra functionality. Its all managed through our User Manager.

Conference Setup

Create and set the Venue, Conference name, dates, description, tracks, timeslots, all through an easy to understand interface that will quickly get the back end of your conference created before you know it.

Sessions? No problem

Create, edit, delete sessions, assign tracks and times, abstracts, room. Collect special request if the presenter needs a white board or internet access, set up CPE credits, and create and assign presenters.


Registration can be a nightmare, especially with an out of the box solution. Use our cutom form builder to collect only the information you need, set registration dates, payment options, promo codes, we got it covered.

Attendee Managmenet

Your event wouldn't be anything with out attendees, and we let you manage their information from here. When they call with a change, or cancellation, question about their invoice it two clicks away.

Vendor / Sponsor / Partner Management

We have vendor registration as well, and all of their information is pushed to this area. Download logos, profiles, resend invoices and booth guests, change names at the last minute, quicky see who's paid, right here.

Session Scheduler

Who loves scheduling sessions to rooms? No one, until now. With our scheduler, its easy to see what sessions need to be scheduled, what rooms scheduled sesstions are in and if there are presenter conflicts.


The hardest part of hosting a conference other than planning it is trying to get users to complete the evaluations. Set them up here, view and export the submissions and distribute them to the presenters.

Let ConferenSpy Work For You!

What our clients have to say

Time saver, Centralized, Easy!

ConferenSpy saved our organization a lot of time in planning, data collection and publication of conference information.

A streamlined system that allows us to consolidate and report on all aspects of our event from venue to post conference evaluations.

All data points are quickly and easily accessible. Session planning is centralized and individual spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Registration and badge printing is no longer a frustrating headache that took hours to complete.

Implementation of the mobile app allows our attendees quick access to event information providing a robust event experience.

ConferenSpy has made event planning a snap!

Dorie Minich Applications Administrator, Dickinson College

Seamless integration to the mobile application

We started using ConferenSpy during my Presidency with the PABUG in 2015. Initially we began using the software for session input and reporting, and then we implemented the full registration module the subsequent year. A huge benefit we witnessed during our first year with ConferenSpy was the seamless integration to the mobile application. Our conference attendees were able to see real-time session changes which we never had been able to do in prior years. We could also push out mobile notifications to attendees via the ConferenSpy administrative portal. We were also able to print session schedules and room signs directly from ConferenSpy with little effort. After our initial year with ConferenSpy, we implemented the registration component and are very pleased with the overall software, integration and support.

Rhoni A. Ryan Senior Programmer/Analyst, Swarthmore College
ConferenSpy Web Session Browser is HTML5 compliant
ConferenSpy Works on iOS
ConferenSpy Works on Android

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